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How To Explore Ba Na Hills- Da Nang?

Published on October 15, 2018 by Anna Ngan

Ba Na Hill is one of the most attractive spots in Danang that every visitor should come there at least once. Located in highland, Ba Na Hill is famous for the cool air and breathtaking view from the top. Moreover, nature there provides the abundance of fauna and flora coming along with modern architecture.

For people who want to explore this land for the first time, we would like to share some tips and recommendation. Hope your trip the best.

Get preparation?

  • Being present at 7 a.m is the best time to experience this place. To get there, I recommend the most popular transportation to visit Ba Na Hills reference to different groups.
  • Taxi: Taxi is available all the time in any city. You can catch up on a random cab and turn up in Ba Na Hill as soon as possible. Taxi is the most convenient and easy way for foreign visitors who barely speak the local language.
  • Grab: Grab is now popular in Da Nang, you should download a grab app and choose a place to go, you can estimate how would it cost. However, not most of drivers can speak English.
  • Motorcycle: For a group of young adventurers, the motorcycle is the most exciting choice because you can go around quickly and attentively. You can ask motor for rent in the city. There are many agents available.
  • Cars: I am talking about cars for rent. A car with 7 or 16 seats is perfect for the family trip, especially for the group with children.
  • Cables:  Travel to the cables station. You can park in the lot and buy tickets right there. However, people have to wait for a long time. To save up time, you can purchase the tickets in the office at 93 Nguyen Van Linh street or other travel agents.
  • About the ticket to Ba Na Hills campus, you can purchase in the Gate. However, booking the ticket in advance can help you not to wait for so long. You can use the ticket to enter approach every corner in Ba Na Hills and experience 105 games. Besides, the card is the allowance for the train through wine cellar and the garden. However, The SAP museum entrance, Stuffed animal picking game and carnival festival are excluded.

Where to visit in Ba Na Hills

Inside of Ba Na Hills, there are plenty of places to wander. Some places mark this place out of any other artificial amusement spots in Vietnam are:

The Le Jardin D’Amour

This place is the first stop if you miss the pagoda. The garden includes nine smaller gardens which tell different stories. Whatever the story is, flowers here blossoms vividly all over the year. Do not think that only people who are interested in wine find the cellar interesting. Even you know nothing about wine, the decoration, and scenes of wine drums inside can stimulate you.

The French village

Visitors will find beautiful and ancient France in the smaller version here, in Ba Na. European architecture in the 80s stands tall right in front of you.

Fantasy park

Next to the France village is Fantasy park which should be the next stop. It is another stimulation after you visit and see scenes without doing anything adventurous. The Park includes 90 free games such as Skiver plot, Jurassic Park, racing, Windmill…

Spiritual landmarks

For the older people who want to find something solemn and spiritual, the Ling Ung Pagoda on the top of the mountain turn out the best place to visit. Besides, others spiritual landmarks such as Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple,  Tombstone Temples, Linh Phong Tu Tower, Campanile, Ba Shrine, Tru Vu Tea Shop are also amazing spots to visit.

In general, all the spots are nearby together. You can start with the pagoda and end up visiting the mount where a little temple and tower stand.

What to do in Ba Na Hills ?

Besides beautiful spots for photo-shoots, people should not miss breathtaking games inside Fantasy Park. There are many activities for either young people or children to experience.

 The 4D cinema

When 4D cinema is not so popular in Vietnam, this entertainment in Ba Na hills is the premium. Even until now, 4D movies here are still lively and realistic.

The Jurassic Park

The park is more attractive to the kids. However, many adults find it exciting, too. Models of dinosaurs are re-made in real size with wild decoration illustrate a jungle in thousand times ago.

The water ball game

This game is free. People will be locked inside a huge plastic ball and float on water. People can enjoy struggling to stay balanced in the water.

The Thrilling house

The house is decorated and set up referring to the adventure by Jules Verne and Claudette. You should not miss feeling thrilled but stimulated inside the house.

The trip into the Earth

It is ultimate and exclusive in Ba Na Hills. It is more like a game than a journey because attendants will stay in a troll and go to the center of The Earth. They are supposed to face danger and traps. To defense, each player has got two guns with the trolls.

The falling tower

It is another adventurous game. You are tested with speed and height when the machine brings you up to 29 meters and then fall freely. Do not try it before you get ready.

The cables

Ba Na hills cable system is in the top of 10 most impressive cable system in the world. It is the longest cable system on earth. Therefore, do not miss viewing the whole city from the cabin.

Where to eat in Ba Na Hills?

The site is high-class amusement complex, so no street foods are available. There are restaurants inside Ba Na Hills campus. You can prepare your own meals or try some recipes in restaurants here, such as:

  • The Morin: Italian cuisine, expansive  view of Ba Na and Da Nang,  an idea place for any function or event(8:30 am- 17:00 pm).

  • Kavkaz Restaurant: If you are attracted by flavors of Russian grilled lamb and beef, you can not ignore this place. It located at Du Dome Square(Open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m).
  • KavKaz Vista restaurant: KavKaz Vista is famous for its Russian cultural space and original flavor of Russian grilled dishes, enjoyed with Vodka.
  • Buffet Club: At the end of Place du Dôme in the European-styled towers, this place offers a buffet menu of 36 Hanoi-flavoured dishes.
  • Bar Debay: How wonderful it is when you can discover Debay Wine Cellar almost 100 years old then take a rest and enjoy smelly wine cups in the 2nd floor of Debay Wine Cellar.

What to see in Ba Na Hills?

There will be different shows in each special time of the year. Follow us to update the latest show in your duration.

Canival Show

This show includes variety of art forms: Street music, street magic, juggling, body painting, staples, circus,  comedy dumb, …

Time of show: Apr 20, 2017- Sept 20, 2017

Date time: 10:30-11:00, 13:30- 14:00

Place: Du Dome Square, French Village

Flower Festival

This show will tell a fairy tale of flowers in Ba Na Hills, a fencing will be hold to choose the best man abreast with flower fairy girl.

Time of show: March 10th, 2018 – March 30th, 2018

B’estival Beer Festival

This show is unlimited fun, participate this festival you will be:

  • Beer for free
  • Special Unique cuisine: German sausage, salted bread
  • Live party music
  • Colourful festival
  • Dressing up costumes

Time of show: April 30th, 2018 – September 5th, 2018

Halloween Festival

If you visit Da Nang in this Halloween festival, come to Ba Na Hills to enjoy the ghostly performances with many ghost characters.

Time of show: October 1st, 2018 – October 31th, 2018

Place: Du Dome Square, French Village

Final Words

Ba Na hills zone was found and built by French. Hence, no doubts that you feel “Europe” and European architecture inside the campus. People can visit here any time of the year and enjoy flowers and top-nation services. The diversities of scenes and activities could help anyone’s mood up.

Are you ready to explore Ba Na Hills?

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