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Published on December 27, 2019 by Anna Ngan

Vietnam is a popular and astonishing destination in the South East Asia.  The country has many striking natural attractions and remarkable historic sites from the North to the South. Whether you like going on an adventure or just want to spend time relaxing, you can always find a place that satisfies your needs and attracts you with its beauty and uniqueness.  Vietnam can be ideal for both short and long holiday, whether you just plan to visit an area or you want a trip around the country.

Let’s get started on the information of top 10 best destinations  to prepare for your trip to Vietnam .


Sapa-Viet Nam

A must-visit destination of Vietnam tourism

Located in Vietnam’s remote northwest mountains, Sapa is one of the tourism centers in the North of Vietnam. This place serves the tourists with views of rice terraces on the mountain’s cliffs, the frigid winter temperature of the 1500-meter height and the beauty and attractiveness of local ethnicities. The breathtakingly beautiful scenery of steep valleys and mountain peaks, along with the peaceful atmosphere will make sure you have an enjoyable trip. Additionally, Sapa is also perfect for trekking, hiking and discovering a diversity of ethnic cultures.

If you go to Sapa, do not miss the chance to visit Fansipan Mount, the famous checkpoint in Sapa. Fansipan is the highest mountain in the Indochinese Peninsular, which comprises of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The summit used to be reached only by the bravest climbers. Nowadays you can easily take a cable car, enjoying the view during your 15-minute journey as well as the view on top of the mountain. The cable system is also recognized as the Longest non-stop three-rope cable car and having the Greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three-rope cable car in the world.

Ha Noi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, where you should go to understand the Northern Vietnamese cultures and lifestyle. Hanoi is known as a cultural and political center, presenting the image of a typical developing Asian city. You can see the new building and industrial zones being built everywhere, streets crowded with cars, trucks and scooters. And in the midst of rushing and hectic atmosphere, there are still ancient small houses and bikes filled with flowers in spring and autumn. Hanoi is the mixing point between modern development and the old cultural values.

Going to Hanoi, there are many historical sites in the must-see list of places that you should visit: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature… To understand more about Viet Nam cuisine, you can take part in a food tour around the city to try different types of delicious street foods. You can also go visiting various temples and pagodas in Hanoi as well as the Water Puppet Theater to discover about Vietnamese lifestyle. Besides, there is hardly anything more enjoyable than walking through the Old Quarter, feeling the atmosphere of an old city embedded in the small houses with vintage colors.

Ha Long

Halong Bay is one of the most popular attractions to most local and foreign visitors. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is welcoming millions of visitors each year to visit this stunning Bay. Beautiful seascape dotted with 1,600 limestone pinnacles make Ha Long look like just coming out of a movie. Visiting Halong Bay, you will not only go swimming like in other seaside areas, but also enjoy the unique and ethereal beauty of nature, and have chance to discover about some fishing village in the bay.

One of the reasons that make Ha Long such a popular destination is that it is quite near Hanoi, just 4 hours of driving from the capital. The main method to visit the limestone islands is by boat, and this activity is often included in a 2-day or 3-day tour by cruises. You will not only reach the islands, but also go fishing at night, practice Tai Chi in the morning and visit the villages. There are many types of cruises from 3 to 5 stars to cater to your budget. And in case you want a broader view of Halong Bay, there is also luxurious seaplane service through which you will see Ha Long from the above.

Tam Coc

Often referred to as Halong Bay on land, Tam Coc is another famous attraction near Hanoi. There are limestone outcrops and gorgeous rice paddies, which are best appreciated on a rowing-boat ride. It is such a pleasant experience to watch the green or yellow rice paddles along the river side, while hearing the sound of river lapping against the oars. Besides, you can also cycle around Tam Coc to appreciate the beauty of Vietnamese countryside. From Tam Coc, it is easy to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Trang An, where the movie “King Kong: Skull Island” was filmed.

Tam Coc is very convenient for tourists to visit within a day. However, if you want to retreat from the busy city and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, you can also choose to stay one night at Tam Coc. There is a diversity of homestays and resorts that you can choose from. While you have more time, you can freely plan to visit several attractions in the area, such as Bich Dong Temple, Thung Nham Bird Garden and Hoa Lu, the former capital of Vietnam.


Hue is a former capital of the ancient Vietnam, where the Nguyen Citadel is still well-preserved. This place is an important place to visit if you want to discover about the history of Vietnam. Apparently, the highlight of your trip to Hue will be a visit to the Citadel. It is a giant complex of Imperial City gates, Forbidden City gates, courts, temples and gardens. These buildings were formerly used for the Royals, now representing the glories of the past centuries. Although some structures have been destroyed during the war, the remaining architectures will still leave you an unforgettable impression of past stories and glories.

Aside from the Imperial City, let’s not forget about the beautiful landscape and breathtaking monuments of Hue. The Perfume River flows through the center of this city, giving the pleasant experience whether you take a boat tour along the river or stroll along the walkways. Hue is also known as the center of Buddhism in Vietnam, with Thien Mu Pagoda as the most famous structure for religious and political purpose.

Da Nang-Hoi An

Hoi AN by night

Da Nang-Hoi An is a highly appreciated tourism destination in the Central of Vietnam, thanks to its uniqueness mixture of well-reserved French, Chinese and Japanese architecture. It was formerly an important port in the Southeast Asian area. Traders from many different countries met each other in Hoi An and brought the different cultural colors that have been kept until today. Aside from the Ancient Town, which is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An also offers some beautiful beaches and the peaceful villages surrounding the town.

You will have many things to do in Hoi An but the highlight activity is to visit the Ancient Town at night, when the town is illuminated by colorful lanterns. Especially on the 15th of each lunar month, at night there are only light from them, making this place magical and beautiful.

While Hoi An is well-known by its ancient and peaceful beauty, Da Nang is more modern and attractive by the most beautiful beaches, Han river, Marble mountain, Son Tra peninsula, Hai Van pass,etc.

Hue-Da Nang-Hoi An the most popular destinations in the Central of Vietnam. This makes it easy for tourists to incorporate these places in their travel plan and visit all of them in one go.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the perfect blend of busy urban lifestyle and stunning seascape, located on the south central coast of Vietnam. On one side you have the white sandy beach with palm trees lining up for miles. On the opposite side you have multi-storey hotels, fancy restaurants and bistros giving out cosmopolitan vibe.  All of these create the uniqueness of Nha Trang. You will not only go swimming and sunbathing or discovering the modern city, you also have endless chances of islands hopping with a collection of 19 tropical islands just off of Nha Trang’s coast.

Nha Trang is most well-known for its crystal-clear sea water and the dazzling long white beach. Besides water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, you can also join some activities on land. Visiting Cham Po Nagar, go mud bathing or enjoying the nightlife in the city’s market all can give you pleasant and interesting experience.


Located on Lang Biang highlands, Dalat is a very famous mountainous destination in Vietnam. It is very different from other places, with spring-like weather, elegant French-style villas and the surrounding areas cultivating coffee and flowers instead of rice. Thanks to its pleasant temperature, Dalat is one of the main suppliers of a number of temperate produce all over Vietnam. This place has many architectural places of interest around the town, most of which are built in French style during the French colonization. They include Dalat Railway Station, Hang Nga Crazy House, Domaine de Marie Church and so on.

Not only inside the town but also around the town there are many heavenly beautiful places to visit. If you prefer natural beauty, you can visit Dalanta Waterfall, Xuan Huong Lake or Elephant Falls. If you want to know about local history and appreciate human’s creativity, you can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda or Love Valley. Dalat is such a peaceful and colorful place that makes you relax and want to live here for a long time.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the busiest city in Vietnam. Previously known as Saigon and separated from the North in the past centuries, nowadays this place has developed quickly to become the chaotic biggest city. Visiting here, you can feel the energy of a center of commerce, entertainment and culture in the South. It is a mix of old and new cultures, with traditional markets and ancient temples standing alongside modern skyscrapers.   There are so many attractions and activities that it seems to be an endless list of what to do and where to go in this city.

Some of the most important places you should visit in Ho Chi Minh City are: Ben Thanh Market, War Remnants Museum, Central Post-office and Notre-dame Cathedral, Jade Emperor Pagoda… Districts in Ho Chi Minh City are mainly recognized by number; with the most favorite ones for tourists are District 1 and 3. Each district has its own feature, making it interesting to stroll down the street and join in the nightlife. There is also the historical Cu Chi Tunnel located 30km from Ho Chi Minh City, where you can learn about the history of war through a vast network of underground tunnel.

Mekong Delta

Known as the “rice bowl” of Vietnam, Mekong Delta is one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Vietnamese consider this place as “Cuu Long” – Nine Dragon – referring to the nine tributaries of Mekong River.This is another world, with floating markets, villages and schools, giving you a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The rivers, canals and streams criss-cross the landscape like arteries, making Mekong Delta truly a world afloat. Beside rice, this place is also filled with coconut palms, fruit orchards and sugar-cane groves.

Located about 30km far from Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta consists of over a dozen towns such as: My Tho, Cao Lanh, Vinh Long, Can Tho, Sa Dec… with Can Tho being the biggest settlement. Mekong Delta is known for its seasonal flooding pattern. That is why the best time to visit here is in the dry season from December to May.

Final Words

From the North to the South of Vietnam, there are many tourist destinations with their own features and attractiveness. Together, they help to build a multi-faceted image of Vietnam, a beautiful country with various cultural values and modern development. You can find pretty much everything you need in Vietnam, whether it is a relaxing holiday among nature, an adventure back to history or a trip to expand your business. The most popular destinations in Vietnam have been listed above, providing an overview of what Vietnam may offer. We hope that this list has given you a quick look at the attractions you may choose and helps you to build the best plan for your trip to Vietnam.

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