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How To Explore Son Tra Peninsula Personally?

Published on April 29, 2018 by Anna Ngan

Not only attracted by its amazing view, Son Tra Peninsula(Monkey mountain) also lined up with majestic mountains and what to do. This is the must-see place for travelers who love nature and would love to explore historical site. Below is the detailed guideline of how to explore Son Tra Peninsula by yourself and where to go.

1, Man Thai Fishing Village

On the way to Monkey Mountain, you should stop to visit Man Thai Fishing Village. This is the place where fishermen supply most of seafood for Da Nang city. You can buy fresh seafood from here in the early morning.

2, Linh Ung Pagoda

Say goodbye Fishing Village, you will stop at the Ling Ung Pagoda where Lady Buddha standing and looking down to the city. People here believed  that she protects them from disaster and  blesses them.

The statue is 69.7 meters height with 17 stories built inside. Each storey has 21 Buddha idols and positioned on a lotus shaped platform which is 35 meters in diameter.


Straight to the top of the mountain, the road is narrow and curvy, but the views are so amazing.

3, Dong Dinh Museum

The next rest stop is Dong Dinh Museum. This is the private museum in Da Nang away 10km from the downtown. Artifacts are dated back to 100-2,500 years ago. Belonging to ancient cultures like Dai Viet, Sa Huynh, and Cham Pa, they were collected from central and highlands hill tribes.

4,The Giant Banyan Tree

The Giant Banyan Tree is the best place to have a rest during the hot summer days. The locals estimated it reach up to 1000 years old, 20m height, 9 root-clusters. Its complex of roots has grown down to form secondary trunks supporting the massive structures mushrooming from the centre.

5, Monkey Passage.

Continuing with our trip we will get to the top of the hill, it’s call Monkey Passage. It’s another way of The Giant Banyan Tree. This part is the most difficult. Make sure that your scooter needs to have good brakes and enough power to get to the top. It’s called Monkey mountain but it’s rare now, they may shy and don’t want to interact with people.

6, Ban Co Peak

Coming to the top, you will see Ban Co peak, you can enjoy the panoramic view from here. Ban Co Peak is also famous for the statue of Confucius. This bronze statue of the great philosopher playing chess is a tribute to the man, who greatly influenced the Eastern culture.


– A good and power scooter is recommend for this trip to make sure you can manage to drive up a steep hill.

– Filling in your scooter with petrol, but in case unfortunately, you also can buy at the Son Tra Peninsula.

– Bringing some snacks and water because there is few small shop on the way.

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