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How To Explore My Son Holy Sanctuary

Published on October 22, 2018 by Anna Ngan

My Son Holy Site forms an important part of the history, tradition, and cultural heritage of the Cham people. Too often in the media, TV shows, magazine, or travel blogs, you’ve got to know about My Son Holy Sanctuary which is almost 70km to the south west of Da Nang City. But no photo, no video, or no article available on Instagram or Youtube can truly show you how impressive this UNESCO World Heritage Site in Central Vietnam is. You have to experience it by yourself.

How to travel from Da Nang to My Son Sanctuary?

My Son Holy Sanctuary in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province is almost 70km to the south west of Da Nang City. Tourists traveling from Da Nang to My Son can choose one of four means of transport options: bus, taxi, go on a tour, and motorbike.

Each option has its own pros and cons. Bus is the cheapest choice. Taxi is the fastest yet most expensive option. Booking a tour with a travel agency is suitable for a group of friends who do not have much time prepare for their trip in Vietnam. And motorbike is the most challenging and exciting way, especially for adventure seekers. Tips for motorbiker – Make sure to fill your motorcycle gas tank as there is few gas stations on the route from Da Nang to My Son and sometimes asking for a local’s help is better than GoogleMaps.

No matter what means you will choose, after arriving at the gate, you have to walk for about 500m to reach My Son Holy Sanctuary.

Highlight features of My Son Holy Sanctuary

A Priceless Treasure Far Away From The Crazy World Outside

My Son Holy Sanctuary is one of a lot of architectural gems found in the most unexpected locations. There must be a good reason why people experience a 3-hour car ride from Hue or a 1-hour car trip from Da Nang to get there. The tranquil destination attracts roughly hundreds of groups of students major in tourism and culture as well as Vietnamese history lovers annually making it a must-visit sacred sites on any Central Vietnam trip.

Impress All Visitors With Its Grandeur

It is My Son Holy Sanctuary’s architecture that makes it one of the most photogenic temples in Southeast Asia. 70 architectural works with the sizes ranging from little to enormous are pieces of art and treasure that are clearly recognized by people of all levels for their immense value or historical significance. It is not what all architectural gems can do when being spotted by a little trained eye.

Cast Light On The Way The Forefathers Of Cham People Lived Many Centuries Ago

People come there for this holy land’s outstanding uniqueness and intrigue, but stay and come back for the great opportunity this part of Quang Nam’s cradle of the revolutionary movement gives them to expand their knowledge about previously unknown aspects of Vietnam’s history during the period from the 4th century till the 13th century.

What To Do Here

Watch The Sun Go Down

My Son’s serene scene, with its mysterious brick making and construction, Hindu temple tops with six unique styles of iconic ancient Champa art, and the last rays of sunshine of a day sneaking in makes travelers stand in awe.

Get To Know More About Vietnamese History And Cham Culture

Regardless of the faith or feeling you might bring on your holiday in Vietnam, My Son Holy Land has the power to ooze charm. All of the red bricks and sandstone towers keeping their secret among both Vietnamese and foreign archaeologists and tourists are a reason enough for your visit. In addition, make sure to enjoy the Cham Apsara dance performance at the main site! 10.00 in the morning and 2.00 in the afternoon.

Travel tip

Best time to visit?

Though you can choose between a full-day and a half-day trip, my suggestion is to visit at dawn to catch the very first glow of sunrise but brave the incredible tourist crowds that descend towards the end of the day to see the sun hide after these silhouetted towers.

Ticket fee

Foreign tourists fee is VND 150,000  per person and for Vietnamese, it is VND 100,000. Ticket fee includes an electric car ride to the historic sites.

Opening hours

From 06.30.A.M. to 05.00.P.M. every day

High heels are not recommended

As you will have to walk a lot, comfortable shoes are a perfect choice.

Can I stay overnight there?

Yes, you can. Cham Village near the gate of My Son Holy Sanctuary is where tourists love to stay to delve into Cham culture. however, don’t expect 5-star service. Instead, locals will warmly welcome you.

Forgotten for centuries but now being on a tourism high, My Son Holy Sanctuary – the Angor Wat of Vietnam should be included in any Central Vietnam tour’s itinerary. Don’t miss it on your visit to Vietnam.

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