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Five Best Places for Vacation In Vietnam

Published on August 31, 2019 by Anna Ngan

Planning for a vacation in Viet Nam is not easy and the most difficult part is picking where to spend your vacation. It should be a place where everything is balanced if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends. Each one has different taste and hobby so it’s quite frustrating to find a place for everyone.

Recently, Viet Nam has become a really hot destination for asia tourism. In my traveling experiences, Viet Nam will be a perfect destination for vacation with an amazing scene, great cuisine, so friendly local people and such an ideal price.

If you are still searching, here are the five best places for vacation in Vietnam.

Topas Ecolodge – Sapa

Sapa is one of the most famous Viet Nam vacation spots and most tourists are staying in the center of the town. That makes sense because all of the entertainment, restaurants and main sightseeing are located near the town.

However, if you have been there or you are trying to find an off the beaten track route, hotels and homestays in the town are not for you. The central town is affected by tourism and development with many modern buildings and structures that destroy the authentic scene of the mountainous town.

To observe the true Sapa and experiences the local atmosphere, it’s better to stay at homestays. But the facilities of homestays are not really good and they could be boring if you are traveling with your kids because of lacking many entertainment things.

Topas Ecolodge will be the right place for you to solve both things – an authentic feeling for adults and a fun place to stay for the kids. About 18km from Sapa town in Thanh Kim commune, Topas Ecolodge Resort Sapa is an ecological resort located at the top of a conical hill with beautifully curved winding roads that make you easy to blend into nature.

There are 25 private rooms with different angles to have a private view of the valley below. The view is breathtaking with terrace fields, a stream running around the mountains and the clouds are so close that you can touch them.

The main event of Topas Ecolodge is the infinity pool. The pool is set between terraced fields, on the main building of the lodge, just steps from the bar and spa. Infinity pool also has a specific area designed for children, massage function and special, the water in the pool is heated. Ensure you can relax in the clouds of Sapa Mountain. Water is constantly being heated by an environmentally friendly system.

Of course, the resort is far from central so you need to stay and use everything of them. But the food is really good and the staff is so nice. In case you need to go to the town, they have transport services, bicycle for hiring so you can go around the hill or get into town easily. Topas Ecolodge is an excellent place to relax and spend time with your loved ones.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

If you are into the beach, fancy things and plan to have completely different experiences, I strongly recommend you to Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort which is one of the best beach resorts of Viet Nam. There are tons of interesting things in this beach resort that you can only dream of. Here is really the best place for Viet Nam luxury vacation.

Far away from Da Nang City, InterContinental Sun Peninsula Danang is located on a private corner of Son Tra peninsula. There is a cable car system to bring guests “from the forest to the sea and vice versa”; they have their own cinema, there are many karaoke rooms with many themes, etc.

Moreover, the best thing about Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is that they are taking care of every single detail in the resort. Everything is in the right place, from the public area, restaurant to each room. A bit exaggerating but they have elevated everything to artistry level.

You can easily to find a place to relax for yourself or having fun with your kids and family or planning a romantic dinner and a wedding with your lover. Since opening, this resort has welcome many celebrities come here to hold their wedding and each of them are remarkable and so fancy.

Since this resort tends to make heaven really exist, I’m sure you and your companion will have a wonderful time here, as I did. Again, strongly recommended staying here couple days in your vacation. To have a quick look about the whole resort, you can go to their website and check their panorama video.

Six senses Ninh Van Bay – Nha Trang

Another option for you about Viet Nam resort is in Nha Trang, the Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay should be considered in your trip to Viet Nam. The Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay is located in a private area with two kilometers coastline and 58 villas along the beach and the hill.

All villas are built in a wooden style with coconut leaves to cover the roof. However, the room still meets 5 stars standard and full of modern facilities; still keep the traditional style of Vietnamese. Other facilities are made of ceramic, wood and copper to present an artist and unique look.

Another highlight about Sixsenses Ninh Van Bay Resort is the spa. They invest a lot into the spa with 6 spas following different styles to offer you the best relaxing here. For more fun, you can try many challenging water sports, such as diving, kayaking, surfing or driving water motorbike.

If you are going with your kids, there is a special club for kids with learning and interacting with local people and nature. Everyone in your family will find a place for themselves in this resort. Food is excellent and served in an outdoor restaurant. PERFECT!

Finally, the staff is always keeping you in their sight to show up whenever you need but don’t bother you by always standing there. Good point.

This beach resort is the best place for Viet Nam family vacation. Let’s come and enjoy!

Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

Located on “Pearl Island” Phu Quoc, Chen Sea Resort & Spa is a great option for those who hate visa procedure and spending too much time on transfer from place to place to get to the beach. Phu Quoc Island now opens international airport for a direct flight from Singapore, Bangkok, and Seoul. You also get a free Viet Nam tourism visa (for some nationalities) in 15 days to stay on the island and that’s enough for me.

The Chen Sea Resort & Spa is an only 4-star resort but still offer a great service and moreover, a really beautiful beach. All bungalows and villas lie next to the beach to offer you a great view and atmosphere. The area of the resort is private so you will have a completely relaxing time on the beach there.

You can also hold the wedding or any events you want in this resort and the price is much more reasonable compared to other resorts above. For me, this is a real escape to fully enjoy the beach and have your private time for a couple of days. At this point, I think this resort is more suitable for couples than family.

Lak Tented Camp – Buôn Ma Thuột

This camp is opposite from other resorts above but it is the best place for me if I choose a place for vacation. Why? This place is still fresh and not so popular to tourists, even for local people because this camp is located in Tay Nguyen, the highland in the central of Vietnam and it’s pretty hard to get there.

Lak Tented Camp is a resort located in Lien Son town, Lak district. This is a place for those who love rustic, mountainous wilderness. But if you are on the beach and water, this camp can still please you with a huge lake. Because of the great geographical location, you can see some villages with the long traditional homes of the M’Nong ethnic along the road to the camp. To get to the camp, you also need to catch a boat to the resort and the time on the boat is really amazing.

Stay in here, you will have a chance to explore a totally different culture of Vietnam that cannot find anywhere else. The space of gong culture in the Vietnam Highlands has been recognized to be a Masterpiece of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity and it’s truly amazing. You can go trekking in the forest, biking through coffee hill or kayaking on the lake and try to catch some fish. This is a package that no one can deny.

The room is basic but still has its own style and very nice. You can choose to stay in a bungalow (have better facilities) or try something different like their tent house (still have all the basic facilities and I think it’s a signature to this place).

This place is still very new and in the future, I believe Lak Tented Camp will have its own places on the chart of best places for vacation in Vietnam. So try to visit this place before it becomes more popular and enjoy the most unique and authentic thing in this place.

Here is my pick for the five best places for vacation in Vietnam. As I mentioned, Lak Tented Camp is my best place to stay, not only to relax but also learning new things and stay away from modern life. Please share with me your thought about these places or suggest me where you think should be in this list.


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